SBX at The Vine


From time to time, we will be contacted by other organizations asking for assistance. That assistance can be in many different forms. We have been contacted by the children’s ministry leadership at the Vine Wesleyan Church asking for our help. Below of a message from Brad Bauer describing how we can assist them…

Ron & Renee,

Hi. Thanks for sending this info out to the volunteers at the food pantry!

We can use some help this week sometime between Tuesday and Thursday distributing door hangers to the neighborhoods around the food pantry in order to promote SBX (our summer Bible experience for kids Birth – 5th Grade) that is taking place Mon 8/3 – Wed 8/5.

Anyone that can help is free to contact me at e-mail: [email protected] or cel / text 912-4212.

Brad Bauer
Children’s Ministry Director

As the pantry, we won’t be organizing a formal event for this. Volunteers are encouraged to participate on their own if they so desire.