Girl Scout Visit

From: Como Lake Girl Scouts
Sent: Fri, May 22, 2015 8:05 am
Subject: Fwd: To Como Lake Leaders

Hello Leaders. This may be best suited for those troops that are Juniors and up but the Tri-Community Food Pantry was flexible so they could possibly meet the needs of younger troops. If it interests you it is worth investigating.

Yesterday my Cadette Troop #31345 visited the TRi-Community Food Pantry 722 Terrace Blvd., Depew, NY

The girls learned the following:

  1. Who is eligible to receive food from a food pantry.
  2. Sources of food for the pantry.
  3. How to load bags for clients
  4. Life lessons about dignity

The 2 gentleman running the pantry, Ron and Paul, are passionate about eliminating hunger and would love to spread the word about their Food Pantry. There are also opportunities for volunteer hours if you are not interested in it for your troop, perhaps your child needs volunteer hours.


Paul Burdick Food Pantry: 289-1370 Cell 949-0498

Nicole Fontana

Troop 31345

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